From 12 candidates to 2 finalists

for 1 new Boston Mayor

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Stay in the know!Stay in the know!Two new Boston education coalitions aim to hasten the pace of change:1) On closing the “opportunity gap”: BOSTON LEARNS TOGETHER2) On school structure and governance: BOSTON FORWARDMartin Walsh is elected Mayor of BostonNovember 5th, 2013Martin Walsh's education planClick here for the transition team's website and add your education ideasSPRING 2014


As Mayor Walsh settles in to City Hall, Boston seeks a new Superintendent of Schools, and the Governor's race is taking off, many of you have asked us to keep this education blog going. Simply defining the 10 boxes below - summarizing the education issues of our day - served an important purpose, and we invite you to keep commenting under those TOPICS.  We welcome your input (CONTACT US) on the possible role(s) for this forum. Stay tuned for an update by the summer about the direction of the Boston Ed Blog. Meanwhile, keep raising your voice for the sake of our next generation!




by The Boston ED BLOG TEAM

On Saturday, December 14, Mayor-elect Walsh held an all-day town hall meeting, with breakout sessions and a lengthy Q&A with him, pledging to continue this type of open dialogue throughout the new administration.  He launched a transition committee website to keep citizens informed and to seek citizen input.  Throughout December and January the transition team will hold public hearings and solicit resumes and ideas online.  Visit for the hearing dates, then click on the Transition Committee tab if you want to see the list of 26 people on the EDUCATION GROUP.

Please add your voice at these hearings and in the ideas section of the website. (For the December 10 hearing on Education, we Ed Bloggers compiled the questions and ideas raised here and presented the summary to that team.)  We also encourage you to continue sharing your suggestions, vision and concerns here, under any of the issue boxes on our home page - for our kids, for our families, for our city's future.



Election week, November 8th, 2013

From 12 Candidates to 2 Finalists to 1 New Boston Mayor!

A Changing City, An On-Going Commitment to Education

by The Boston ED BLOG TEAM

Boston, birthplace of public education in the United States, has changed and is changing. In a tight conclusion to a jam-packed campaign season, State Representative Martin Walsh is Boston’s Mayor-elect. Mayor Walsh will take office January 6, 2014.

Fortunately, throughout the campaign, both candidates expressed a deep commitment to public education, beginning before children enter school, continuing long past their teen years, and including the whole family and the whole community as part of ensuring our youth reach their full potential. We expect great things to happen in Boston now, and each of us commits to being part of the solutions.

Thank you, readers, for contributing guest blogs and important comments and questions in each of the 10 issue areas in the colorful boxes on this home page. In the coming month, as we EdBloggers weigh options for the future of this forum to elevate education (originally created for the duration of the campaign season), please click here to let us know your thoughts on possible roles for the blog.

Meanwhile, in case you want to get involved or simply monitor ideas that seem to be gaining traction in our city, the “Stay In The Know” box links you to two new coalitions aiming to promote education in Boston. One is focused on out-of-school time (closing the “opportunity gap”) and the other on school structure and governance.

As we like to say, stay tuned and stay involved …


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